JJ X-Ray was founded in 1995 by Jens Linderholm, Chief Development Engineer at the Physics Department of the Risø National Laboratory. The aim of the company was to build on the acquired instrumentation technology and know-how to develop innovative and reliable instrumentation for the x-ray and neutron industry.

Locating JJ X-Ray’s laboratory at the Center for Advanced Technology near Risø provided the start-up company with the full benefits of a close relationship with Risø and the University of Copenhagen.

At the University of Copenhagen, Jens Linderholm established ongoing cooperation with Professor Jens Als-Nielsen and Professor Sine Larsen. During this time, license agreements were also entered with ESRF to allow the exclusive promotion of the ESRF slits that are still in our product portfolio.

In 2002, Karsten Joensen joined the company as Head of Technical Sales and Marketing to support JJ X-Ray’s increased activities and growing product portfolio. Karsten’s primary role was to strengthen the company’s interaction with its very specialized and quality-conscious customers. He also played a key role in an employee-led generational change of ownership.

In 2002, the company was further strengthened by the employment of Mechanical Engineer Henning Bro Pedersen, who came from the Central Workshop at the University of Copenhagen.

During 2004, the first move in a desired generational change of ownership was taken as the SAXS business was transferred to a sister company SAXSLab ApS under full ownership of Karsten Joensen.

During 2005-2006, the generational change continued with the newly hired physicist, Ph.D. Christian Mammen, and culminated in an employee takeover. Christian (CEO), Henning (CTO), and Karsten (S&M) became the new owners, whereas Jens Linderholm, on the sideline, ensured a successful transfer of knowledge and procedures. The incorporation of the company was completed with the JJ X-Ray’s relocation to DTU Science Park, on the premises of the Technical University of Denmark.

The years 2006-2008 brought considerable growth to JJ X-Ray: Expansion of our standard product list, new interesting custom projects, increased hiring of technical and administrative personnel, new technology licenses with the PSI and the ESRF, the first steps to the establishment of an agent network, and the final retirement of the original founder Jens Linderholm.

During 2009-2011 JJ X-Ray continued hiring and focusing strongly on getting the organization ready for further growth. During this period, JJ X-Ray products gained ground and recognition among our users.

By the end of 2012 JJ X-Ray won the biggest tender in the history of the company together with the Technical University of Denmark: For the fastest x-ray instrumentation in the world – the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (European XFEL) – JJ X-ray was developing, producing and implementing, FXE Beamline, one out of six beamlines. The instrumentation facility was inaugurated 1 September 2017 and is open for users.

In April 2016, we moved from our old facilities in Lyngby to larger premises in Hoersholm. The new buildings are still a part of DTU Science Park, which has close connections to the Technical University of Denmark. The location allows us to continuously benefit from the activities conducted by research groups at the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. Our premises are also placed fairly close to the MAX-lab Synchrotron and the upcoming ESS in Lund, Sweden, as well as DESY and the European XFEL in Hamburg, Germany.

Here in 2020, JJ X-Ray is continuously expanding our product portfolio and is busy with R&D projects such as the development of 3-D Collimators and Compound Refractive Single Crystal Diamond Lenses.

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