ISIS Sample Stacks Case

In 2008, JJ X-Ray successfully installed three identical sample positioning stacks at the ISIS Target Station 2, Rutherford Appleton National Laboratory, UK.

We participated in the official tender of providing a sample positioning system with a load capacity of 700 kg to be positioned in space with accuracy and sphere of confusion of less than 20µm within a minimal footprint (800 x 800 mm2). JJ X-Ray’s solution was selected: A customized 6-axis sample stage meeting the specifications.

During the design phase, we had several face-to-face meetings, where we evaluated the designs and discussed different ideas. We believe that this was a very fruitful process, where many crucial design features were added. Since JJ X-Ray is specialized in custom designs, we add extra value to the product compared to what would have been possible with a more standardized solution.

During the factory acceptance tests, we discovered that the lower vertical translation did not have the expected accuracy, and we decided to rebuild it. Second time around, we used another mechanical approach that required a significant redesign of the stage and manufacturing of many new parts. The changes worked as expected, and the performance exceeded the specs. This rebuild was done without any financial consequences for the customer. The three sample positioning stacks from JJ X-Ray have been operating daily at the three beamlines since the installation, and the customer has been so satisfied with the solution that they ordered two more sample positioning stacks in 2011 for two new beamlines.

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