Foil- and 2D collimators for neutrons

Both foil- and 2D neutron collimators improve experimental results by enhancing the resolution and reducing background noise. Over the years, JJ X-Ray has produced hundreds of foil collimators for neutron facilities all over the world.
Through this, we have gained unparalleled experience and know-how, pushing the limits of the achievable.

Foil Collimators
The collimating foils are typically made of a thin PETP or Kapton sheets with a coating of Gadolinium Oxide (Gd2O3) or enriched Boron-10 Carbide (10B4C). The individual foils are supported using a stretch-foil technique where they are positioned and slightly stretched between accurately machined spacers. The result is a robust and cost-efficient solution.

Some designs will, however, require additional solutions, such as individual tensioning of the foils and unique tools for generating some of the more complex geometries. Non-magnetic materials and vacuum compatibility are also common features.

Our collimators are designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. The profound know-how that we have gained, under such customized conditions, is an invaluable part of what JJ X-Ray applies to each and every one of our collimators.

General Facts:

All collimators are based on a custom design and are divided into three categories defined by the orientation of the foils:

  • The soller collimator is a collimator with parallel, rectangular foils.
  • The radial collimator has foils angled in the horizontal plane, often assembled in a large angular range or even a 360 degrees frame.
  • The double converging collimator is an advanced radial collimator where foils are angled both in the vertical and horizontal plane and often with very small angular foil separation (from <0.1 degrees to several degrees).

2D Collimators
Due to the rising development of advanced 3D printing technology, some of our future collimators will be produced with this new method. This will impose new ways of thinking if a honeycomb structure can be embedded in the experimental setup. Right now, we are engaged with focused R&D projects to meet the customer’s request in this field as well. For more information, please contact us.

In our collimator catalog, you will find a small extract of our portfolio. The examples illustrate the variety of designs and geometries.

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