Community meeting: Single Crystal Diamond Compound Refractive Lenses


A recording of our webinar on Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) Compound Refractive Lenses (CRLs).
In this video we discuss the fourth generation of single crystal diamond CRLs. Read more about compound refractive lenses here or download the brochure.


A short video introducing JJ X-ray and the Athena reflectometer

CEO Christian Mammen talks about the Athena reflectometer, built in collaboration with DTU Physics, DTU Nanolab and DTU Space: “The collaborations with scientists who constantly move the frontiers of what is possible, require us to follow along in these developments on the instrumentation side.”

The reflectometer is a test setup for mirrors for an X-ray satellite, read more here.



An overview of the FXE beamline we delivered for the European XFEL

A short video introducing the FXE instrument at the European XFEL. For this instrument we delivered:

Read more about the instrument on the website of the European XFEL.