Job opening for project manager

Do you want to unfold your full potential as a project manager in a growing, agile organisation producing advanced scientific instruments to a global market?

At JJ X-Ray, we share a passion for developing mechanical systems that facilitate ground-breaking research results in synchrotron radiation and neutron scattering. We are dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation through great design, scientific know-how, and years of experience.

JJ X-Ray is in a strategic, solid growth and the order portfolio is increasing accordingly. Therefore, we are opening position for an experienced project manager in our organization. You will be part of a dynamic team consisting of 16 highly skilled and innovative engineers, physicists and technicians. We are looking forward to welcome one more gifted colleague, who will bring new ways of thinking to our company.

Project management at a high level

Over the years, our product portfolio has expanded significantly in close collaboration with our expert customers and through our own R&D projects. Therefore, we need you to manage our projects in all phases from sale to delivery.

• You participate in the startup meeting with the customer and receives all the specifications.
• Together with the project team you will create a clear, ambitious plan and ensure that the project is delivered successfully on time with agreed quality, scope and cost.
• You have follow-up meetings regularly with the project team to ensure progression, input, right on time delivery of components etc.
• Together with Sales, you give input and status updates to customers.
• In this job, you will shape our future project management practices and standard operating procedures.

For the right applicant, this is an extremely exciting position with possibilities for both professional and personal development.

Structure, overview and authority

Our new colleague has the following qualifications:

• Degree in mechanical engineering. Your background might include specialist experience within design and CAD modelling, but you have decided to turn your career in direction of project management.
• You can apply best project management practices to lead and steer the project teams safely through different stages of the projects.
• You understand the importance of good documentation practices and see the value in having solid documentation of the project.

On the personal level, we expect that you are excited about working with advanced mechanical systems and projects to an international market.
You are persistent and operate with a sense of urgency to meet deadlines. You enjoy a busy working day and can progress several tasks in parallel.
The external company language is English so a proficiency in written and spoken English is required. The internal languages are Danish and English, so there is no requirement to master Danish.

JJ X-Ray offers

• An inclusive work environment involving everyone in the projects from beginning to end.
• Lots of responsibility, high expectations and trust from the start.
• A fun and informal work atmosphere.
• A healthy and attractive work life balance where you are able to plan your everyday work.
• Are you inspired of jogging, walking or a mountain bike tour in the beautiful surroundings – you are free to do that. We offer freedom with responsibility.

Please apply here

double converging neutron collimator

Largest double converging neutron collimator delivered to IMAT (ISIS) at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

With over 200 kg, and just over a meter high, we recently delivered the biggest neutron collimator we have built until now. The picture shows the first out of six collimators for IMAT (Imaging and Materials Science & Engineering) at ISIS, with an apple for scale. This double converging collimator has an angular coverage of 56° in the vertical and 36° in the horizontal direction. It is densely packed with 361 gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) coated blades spaced 0.1˚ apart. At the instrument, there will be two banks of seven large pixelated diffraction detectors, installed at 90 degree scattering angles. To obtain a higher resolution in neutron diffraction experiments, the collimator array will be placed in front of these large detectors.

IMAT is a neutron imaging and diffraction instrument for materials science, materials processing and engineering. It is a part of the ISIS neutron and muon facility. The instrument will be used for energy-selective neutron imaging, and a combination of neutron imaging and spatially resolved neutron diffraction. More information about this instrument can be found here.

The combination of these techniques allows for a variety of experiments such as radiography, neutron tomography, energy-selective imaging, neutron strain scanning, crystallographic structure and phase analysis and texture analysis.

With this wide range of imaging and diffraction techniques, this instrument is useful for scientist with backgrounds in the fields of aerospace and transportation, civil engineering, power generation, earth sciences, cultural heritage, agriculture and much more.

We are proud to contribute to these fields by providing our instrumentation and we would like to thank ISIS, and especially the people from IMAT for the fruitful collaboration. The need for these long blades required optimization of our techniques and tools. Because of these developments, we can now offer these large collimators in our standard product range.

More information about our collimators can be found here.

First contract with SESAME synchrotron

We are proud to announce our first contract with the SESAME synchrotron in Jordan. SESAME is the first synchrotron in the Middle East and we will supply of the front-end components for the BEATS beamline which will be used for hard X-ray full-field tomography. We are looking forward to the collaboration!

Active Cooling for IB-C80-HV

A combination of copper braids and cold fingers makes this new actively cooled high vacuum slit (10-5 mbar) a compact and cost-efficient solution for pink beam setups where UHV-operation is not necessary. For more information on IB-C80-HV-CL-50W, please contact us.


More Options for IB-C30-UHV

Due to increased demand, it is now possible to get the classical IB-C30-UHV slit system with a combination of passive cooling (5W per blade) and drain current. Previously, the design has been fitted for only one of these options at a time but now it is possible to combine them.

Product Release – Collimator with Cryocooler

A cold head collimator has been added to our collimator portfolio. The collimator consists of beryllium wedges in a frame of copper placed inside a vacuum vessel. The cryocooler that is positioned on the top of the vacuum vessel works as a close-cycle cryostat that will cool the beryllium wedges via its connection to the copper frame.

For more information, please contact us.

Product Release – Mirror Systems

JJ X-Ray mirror systems are offered both as UHV and XHV compatible with a high focus on thermal and mechanical stability. The base design is highly customizable and can be adapted to most specifications. Tailored bending (one-, two- or multi-actuated), cooling, and heating solutions are offered.

For more information see the product description on our website or contact us.

We welcome three more engineers to our team

Due to the increasing demand for custom solutions, we have hired three more development engineers during the past months, to our international engineering team.

As a growing company, we are always interested in hearing from highly talented people who would like to contribute to – and take part in our success. Feel free to send us an unsolicited application along with your CV.

3D Collimators

Due to the rising development of advanced 3D printing technology, some of our future collimators will be produced with this new method. It will be interesting when a honeycomb structure is a preference for the experimental setup. Right now, we are busy with R&D projects so we can meet our customer’s requests in this field as well.