Active Cooling for IB-C80-HV

A combination of copper braids and cold fingers makes this new actively cooled high vacuum slit (10-5 mbar) a compact and cost-efficient solution for pink... Read more

More Options for IB-C30-UHV

Due to increased demand, it is now possible to get the classical IB-C30-UHV slit system with a combination of passive cooling (5W per blade) and... Read more

3D Collimators

Due to the rising development of advanced 3D printing technology, some of our future collimators will be produced with this new method. It will be... Read more

Diamond lenses now available

After comprehensive research and development, our Single Crystal Diamond Compound Refractive Lenses are finally released! Excellent for white beam applications. JJ X-Ray and the Danish Technical... Read more

Seminar on Diamond Lenses

Christian Mammen, CEO of JJ X-Ray, will present our latest product development: A diamond refractive lens for use in CRL systems. He will present the diamond... Read more

Inauguration of European XFEL

By the end of 2012, JJ X-Ray initiated the development of the FXE Beamline (“Femtosecond X-ray Experiments”). The project is developed in close cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark and... Read more