Beam Imaging Unit

The Beam Imaging Unit, BIU, consists of a scintillator and a camera as the imaging unit. The camera shows or records the pattern created by the beam when it hits the scintillator. The position of the beam can then be determined by the image. It is either done via a pattern on the scintillators or by using previously known positions recorded with the camera.

The BIU’s are constructed as pop-in monitors. This enables the scintillator to be out of the beam when not in use and to reposition at active positions with high precision repeatability.

The scintillator holder part and translation can be adapted for one or more scintillators, i.e., different scintillators for different keV.

The BIU base is adjustable in XYZ as well as pitch, roll, and yaw.

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160 mm (positions for four scintillators)

5 micron

3-4 micron uni-directional

Full insertion/reaction time
11,5 s (160 mm)

Optional linear encoder
1 micron resolution