The beam chopper consists of a rotating disk with grooves at the outer diameter. When the disk rotates the x-ray is being chopped with the desired opening/closing time. The correct dimensioning of the grooves and the angular velocity provides the maximum opening time and at JJ X-Ray the disk is topologically, and shape optimized considering both the static and dynamic behavior. The chopper can also generate single pulse x-ray with the correct modulation of the angular velocity. In addition, JJ X-Ray offers a complete shutter and timing system able to isolate single pulses with controllable width. The chopper is cased in an aluminum housing, which serves both as a protection and vacuum vessel for HV environment.

Design Features:

  • Open/closed period down to 6µs in the standard configuration
  • Transmission < 10^9 at 150 keV
  • X-ray energies < 150 keV
  • System is topologically optimized
  • Single pulse isolation
  • Custom made solutions
  • HV compatible
  • Stage integration available
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