Custom HV

Sometimes, the limited space around beamlines or special requirements for aperture size makes it difficult for a standard size slit to fit into specific instrumentation. In that case, we can design and produce a customized solution based on our standard slit systems – but with a rectangular housing.

Just as the classic IB-slit, the aperture is defined by four independently movable blades (2 blades for DEMI slit systems). The blades are, in turn, controlled by a high-precision guiding rail system and high-resolution stepping motors. In general, specifications and options often are very similar to our standard IB-slits.

Shape and blade material is defined by the customer. If the slit system is used at an x-ray facility, the typical blades are 2, 5, or 10 mm tungsten carbide blades – e.g., with 0.5 degrees knife-edge, R16 cylindrical edge or 90-degree rectangular edge. For neutron instrumentation, we usually use Boron Carbide.

If it is not possible to use a standard square system in your instrumentation (the most cost-effective solution), you can check our already existing designs of rectangular slits systems here. Please contact us for more information on a particular system.

In our slit catalog, you can have a quick overview of the large variety of JJ slit systems.

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Custom HV
Custom sized AIR slits IB-A8x40-HV
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