The IB-C120-AIR slit system features four individually movable blades providing a large 120 mm x 120 mm opening with fully overlapping blades.

For standard synchrotron applications, we offer tungsten carbide blades. For neutron applications, B4C blades are a common choice.

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Technical specifications

Aperture size
Maximum: 120 mm x 120 mm
Minimum: Full overlap

1 micron per full step

< 2 micron

± 10 microns over the full range
± 1 micron or better with encoders

Limit switches (end-of-travel)
Included as standard on all motions

High precision internal rails and carriages

Electrical connections
Limit switches coupled to 2 motor connectors (SUB-D 15 pins male)

2-phase stepping motors

Mechanical dimensions
436 mm x 436 mm x 78 mm
374 mm x 374 mm x 78 mm (housing only)

Mechanical connections
M6-threaded holes are on the sides, as shown in the drawing.

≈ 9.0 kg

Outer surface
Anodized aluminum in color nature

Common options
Blades: Various blade shapes and materials
Motors: Custom high-resolution stepping, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders or internal Renishaw linear encoders (absolute or incremental)
Non-magnetic guides and lead screws and extension of motor housings for large distance
Custom connectors