IB-C30-HV is our worldwide top-seller – also known as Type 3 Vacuum JJ X-Ray slit. The system is suitable for vacuum applications, where O-ring sealing is sufficient.

The aperture has four independently movable, highly polished tungsten carbide blades. These blades are controlled by a high-precision guiding rail system and high-resolution stepping motors.

The blades can be installed in two configurations: Either providing a 16 mm radius or a knife-edge sloping at 0.5 degrees. Standard blades are polished to obtain a roughness better than 25 nm RMS.

In its basic configuration, the IB-C30-HV slit is delivered with a flange-opening and tightening bolts to allow connection with KF-40 flanges.

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Technical specifications

Aperture size
Maximum: 30 mm x 30 mm
Minimum: Full overlap

1 micron per full step

< 1 micron

± 2 microns (over 3 mm)

O-ring sealed, high vacuum 10-5 mbar, low outgassing materials

Standard blades
2 mm thick tungsten carbide blades which can be mounted either with a 0.5 degrees knife-edge or an R16 radius edge

Limit switches (end-of-travel)
Included as standard on all motions

High precision internal rails and carriages

Electrical connections
Limit switches coupled to 2 motor connectors (SUB-D 15 pins male)

2-phase stepping motors

Mechanical dimensions
193 mm x 193 mm x 68 mm
120 mm x 120 mm x 64 mm (housing only)

Mechanical connections
M5-threaded holes on the sides, as shown on the drawing. KF-40 flange connections are provided on the body of both sides of the slit

≈ 4.0 kg

Outer surface
Anodized aluminum in color nature

Common options
Blades: Other blade shapes and materials
Motors: Custom high-resolution stepping, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders (absolute or incremental)
Adaptors: Other KF(NW) flanges or CF flanges
Special preparation for enabling vacuum <10-6 mbar
Internal wiring of Kapton or wiring with Teflon insulation
Custom connectors