Pink Beam Slits – 50W

Our Pink Beam slit, IB-C30-UHV-50W, is actively water-cooled through cold fingers and are fitted with copper braids as well. It can absorb a heat load of 50W. Great care has been taken to ensure that the impact of the cooling scheme on mechanical performance is neglectable. This is in particular achieved through an optimization of the thermal connections to the Cu braids that in our design, exhibits bond-like characteristics.

The cooling arrangement is implemented in such a way that the beam defining entity can be any of our available blades including; nano-polished rods, knife-edges, single crystals or multilayers. This versatility means that the IB-C30-UHV-50W is easily tailored to fit the pink beam defining needs of most beamlines at most energies.

As an additional and very convenient feature, a DN100CF Port for mounting of ion pumps is an integrated part of the design.

IB-C30-UHV-50W is an upgrade of our well-known IB-C30-UHV slit which is used at numerous x-ray facilities around the world.

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Technical specifications

Aperture size
Maximum: 30 mm x 30 mm
Minimum: Full overlap

1 micron per full step

± 2 microns over 3 mm in open loop and 0.5 microns in closed-loop

10-9 mbar
Stainless steel housing, copper gaskets, internal wiring of Kapton, UHV rated full metal guides and switches; only UHV rated materials

Standard blades
Nano-polished tungsten carbide rods.

Limit switches (end-of-travel)
UHV compatible, high-quality limit switches on all blades incl. UHV compatible wires

High precision internal rails and carriages

Electrical connections
Limit switches coupled to 2 motor connectors (SUB-D 15 pins male)

2-phase stepping motors

Mechanical dimensions
See technical drawings

Mechanical dimensions
DN160/63CF flange connections on both sides as standard (others are possible)

≈ 52.0 kg

Outer surface
Stainless steel

Common options
Other blades: knife-edges, single crystals or multilayers
Encoders: Internal UHV compatible Renishaw linear encoders can be employed to measure true motion locally
Leak-current: Means for extracting leak-current from the blades
Viewport: Chambers can be fitted with viewports if desired.
Supports and position: Supports and means for fine positioning and alignment of the slit