Monochromatic Slits – IB-C30-UHV

For monochromatic applications, IB-C30-UHV is offered as a reliable and well-proven UHV compatible slit system with many of the same design features as our well-known air and vacuum slit systems.

As the air and vacuum IB-slits, the aperture in the UHV version is defined by four independently movable and highly polished tungsten carbide blades. These blades are controlled by a high-precision in-vacuum guiding rail system. The guides are positioned close to the blades giving the shortest distance from the guide to the blade.

To avoid issues of UHV contamination and overheating of the motors, the high-resolution stepping motors are positioned outside vacuum, and all motions are established via magnetically coupled feed-throughs.

In its basic configuration, IB-C30-UHV slit is delivered with a flange-opening to allow connection with a CF-100 flange. Other flanges are also available upon request.

We recommend the option with internal linear UHV compatible encoders in order to obtain precise knowledge about the actual blade position.

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Technical specifications

Aperture size
Maximum: 30 mm x 30 mm
Minimum: Full overlap

1 micron per full step

± 0.4 micron (uni-directional)

± 2 microns over 3 mm in open loop and 0.5 microns in closed-loop

Stainless steel housing, copper gaskets, internal wiring of Kapton, UHV rated full metal guides and switches; only UHV rated materials

Standard blades
2 mm thick tungsten carbide blades which can be mounted either with a 0.5 degrees knife-edge or an R16 radius edge

Limit switches (end-of-travel)
UHV compatible, high-quality limit switches on all blades incl. UHV compatible wires

High precision internal rails and carriages

Electrical connections
Limit switches coupled to 2 motor connectors (SUB-D 15 pins male) via UHV electrical feed-through

2-phase stepping motors

Mechanical dimensions
The external diameter of the UHV chamber: 202.50 mm
Distance from center to outer motor part: 196 mm
Thickness (excluding bolts): 140 mm length in beam direction (flange to flange)

Mechanical connections
DN-100CF on both sides as standard (Others are possible)

≈ 30.0 kg

Outer surface
Stainless steel

Common options
Blades: Blades in various materials and shapes
Flanges: Flanges other than 100CF can be specified
Encoders: Internal UHV compatible Renishaw linear encoders can be employed to measure true motion locally
Leak-current: Means for extracting leak-current from the blades a possible
Viewport: Chambers can be fitted with viewports if desired.
Supports and position: Supports and means for fine positioning and alignment of the slit
IB-C30-UHV with Pindiode
Passive cooling up to 5 W: Copper braids mounted between each blade and the steel chamber.
Active cooling up to 50 W: Please see IB-C30-UHV-50W