Optical Alignment Table

The increasing demand for alignment of optical and x-ray components in x-ray and neutron facilities has inspired JJ X-Ray to develop the optical alignment tables. It is aimed for high precision alignment of heavy load instruments. The table has five (5) degrees of freedom (DOF) adjustments. The DOF adjustments are pitch, roll, yaw, the x-axis (horizontal and perpendicular to the beam), and y-axis (height).

All five (5) ranges of DOF adjustments are according to the customer’s specifications or requirements. The translation stages can also be encoded by linear encoders.

Design Features:

  • Extreme high load capacities
  • Self-locking system to achieve in-position stability
  • Customizable size according to customer requirements
  • The optical table is based on a structurally welded frame, standard breadboard, or customized granite.
  • Moveable air casters (optional)
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Technical specifications

Load capacity
3500 kg

Repeatability of linear translations
2 µm

Breadboard size/configuration
Upon customer request

Air bearing load capacity
1000 kg x quantity (optional)