Pitching Slit – ceiling mounted

The ceiling-mounted pitching slit system is a combined slit, beam viewer, and part of a beam energy analyzing system. The slits blades have reflecting Si surfaces that can direct a part of the beam, via pitching the individual blade assemblies, to a downstream energy analyzer.

A key feature of the slit system is that there are no vacuum forces acting on the slit blades, see Figure 1.

Figure 1. The crystal gap is driven by a spindle, red arrow, that is actuated through a magnetic coupling, blue arrow. The slit blade crystals, green arrows, can pitch through a flexure mechanism driven by in-vacuum Piezo-based micrometer screws, purple arrows. The pitching of the slit crystals is monitored by absolute Renishaw encoders, yellow arrow. The crystals are connected to a water-cooled heat sink through Cu braids, orange arrows.

The system also includes YAG screens that can be inserted into the beam path, see figure 2.

Figure 2. The YAG:Ce screens of the model are shown here. The screens are downstream of the slit crystals, marked with green arrows.

Vacuum auxiliaries can be placed on the slit housing, see figure 3.

Figure 3. Apart from the vertical slits and YAG screens, the system features a lens and camera, yellow arrow. An ion-pump, green arrow. A NEG pump, blue arrow. Angle valve for rough pumping, red arrow.

The vacuum vessel can be pitched, rolled, and translated vertically, see Figure 4

Figure 4. The vacuum vessel of the slit can be pitched and rolled and translated vertically (the stages appear to be upside down as this system is mounted on the ceiling, see figure 5).

The slit is mounted onto the ceiling of the hutch, see figure 5.

Figure 5. Overview of slit mounted onto a ceiling. The system is delivered with complete Beckhoff controls and drives.

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