White Beam Slits – up to 4000W

JJ X-Ray offers white beam slits both for synchrotrons and FELs. The drive mechanism is a stiff and highly guided design that can accommodate both synchrotron and FEL blades. The white beam slits have fully overlapping blades that move individually. The chambers, and the support thereof, are made such that an ion-pump can be directly mounted on the slit. Further, there are ports for gauges, right-angle vales, RGA, and what else may be required.

The motion of the arms has a measured resolution of < 200 nm, open-loop repeatability of < 2 µm and an open-loop accuracy of < 3 µm.

The synchrotron white beam blades can absorb up to 1500 W when electron drain current readings are mandated. If the drain current capability can be omitted, then the blades can absorb 4000 W. The white beam blades are typically made from a Cu alloy, for heat absorption, and a heavy element for beam definition. The beam defining entity can be any of our slit blades, including nano-polished rods, knife-edges, single crystals, and multilayers.

The FEL white beam blades can absorb up to 800 W. The beam defining entity is a multilayered structure with light elements upstream, the first typically being diamond or graphite, and progressively heavier elements as the beam moves downstream through the structure.

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