X-Ray Soller

The soller collimator is a collimator with parallel, rectangular foils. The small x-ray soller version is typically used to limit radiation in x-ray diffractometers, either in highly customized laboratory settings or in synchrotron facilities.

The collimators are based on the JJ X-Ray standard gadolinium oxide coated stretch-foil technique.

For further details, please see examples in our collimator catalog.

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Technical specifications

Aperture size

Any collimation down to 0.5 mrad

80-125 ┬Ám thick Gadolinium Oxide coated PETP or Kapton Foil

Aluminum with thickness determined by collimation requirements

Open apertures are delivered with thin protective aluminum covers

Common options
Foil material can also be polyimide, aluminum or stainless steel
Coatings can be various alternative materials
Vacuum compatible parts and coatings can be furnished
Extra dense foil coatings may be provided for lower resolution collimators to limit cross-talk
Vacuum shroud with Kapton window
Vacuum tube